EarpBands - Wynonna Earp Themed Wristbands, Buttons, Stickers & Prints suitable for all.

Here at Earp Bands, I want to spread happiness and kindness within the community of Earpers and those who shop with me. 

Last September I attended my first Wynonna Earp themed convention in London, EarperConUk. I absolutely loved the idea of giving free gifts to Earpers that I met after seeing the gesture being done online at other conventions. Earpers would hand out buttons, stickers and wristbands as they went about their weekend. I fell in love with the idea of handing out wristbands, but although cheap, I did not like the silicone wristbands. Being a short person, I found they would never fit my wrist, they smelt funny and irritated my skin when I was warm. Not only that but you were limited to the design you could have. 

After doing some research I decided to design the #EARPER adjustable fabric wristbands, it fit all wrists, was super comfy and I could put anything I wanted on the design. Over the convention weekend I gave out over 400 of the wristbands to Earpers for free, with some asking for more they could give to friends and family that couldn't make the convention. I also had a range of Earpers around the world asking if they could have on if I had any left over. 

That is when EarpBands was born. 

Since then, I have been designing a range of Wristbands, Buttons and Prints to sell to fans around the world. I wanted to make my products affordable and discreet. I know there are Earpers out there who can't splurge on a hoodie, a poster or a Kickstarter and want to get their hands on something small. It was also the case that shipping & customs would often cost just as much or even more than the item itself. 

Not only this, it also came to my attention that some fans cannot walk around with a WayHaught jumper on or show their love for an LGBTQIA+ inclusive show due to the people around them. So, by creating small and discreet items, it meant that Earpers could wear a button on a backpack, or a small wristband and it would go unseen by the normal eye. 

Over the upcoming months, I hope to expand my store, add a range of new products and accommodate more for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Just a little bit about me, I'm Ash, a 23 year old based in the UK. I first started watching Wynonna Earp back in March 2017 and since then I have grown to love the Characters and Cast more every day! My main goals in life are to spread kindness and happiness to everyone I encounter. 

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